Download XmlPrime

The XmlPrime team is pleased to announce the availability of XmlPrime 4.1 with support for Mono 5.20.1.

XmlPrime is available for download as a single fully-functional package. It includes

The full API documentation is available online.

NOTE: the trial version does not support compiling to CIL byte code. This is only available in commercially purchased version.

Download XmlPrime
Version: 4.1.4
Size: 3.09MB
Published: 2020-05-19
Expires: 2020-08-14

This version is for trial use only.

This version is set to expire on the date given above. After its expiration date it will throw an exception when used; you may continue your evaluation by installing a newer trial version.

To use XmlPrime in production, for commercial purposes or to distribute its components, you must purchase a commercial licence.

System Requirements